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Is a2 Milk® right for you?

Love milk? But milk doesn’t love you?

Do you experience digestive issues after drinking milk? You aren’t alone – in fact, millions of Americans say they experience digestive discomfort after drinking milk. Learn more.

Packed with nutrition

Dairy milk is one of the richest food sources of calcium, which is necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth. Milk is also naturally packed full of other essential vitamins and minerals. It’s a complete source of protein (both whey and casein) a natural source of energy. Learn more.


Are A1 and A2 Proteins really that different? Yes!

Cows naturally produce A1 protein, A2 protein, or a blend of both. Scientists have found that for A1 protein can cause gut inflammation and other uncomfortable symptoms for some people, many who think they have lactose intolerance. Milk that contains only the A2 protein, and no A1, may be easier on digestion. Learn more.

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