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Sindhura's a2 Milk Testimonial

Sindhura’s Story

Sindhura's a2 Milk Testimonial

I was always a big fan of milk.

Growing up in India, I always had farm fresh milk every morning. My parents were able to get real fresh milk from farm early in the morning. I drank milk for almost 20 years with no stomach issues.

After moving to US, I tried multiple brands of milk and all of them caused some kind of digestive discomfort. I stopped drinking milk for a while until I noticed a2 Milk® in our local Sprouts store.

I tried it, and so far I have been able to enjoy my cup of milk without any stomach issues! I am glad I tried this milk and I hope this brand will be available in multiple stores so that a lot more people can take advantage of it.


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Sindhura C.

March 9, 2017

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