Cold brewed coffee with creamer

24 hours
Cooking time
0 mins
2 ½ Cups
Coffee grounds*, medium roast
2 ½ Cups
Water, room temperature
2 Tbsp.
a2 Milk® Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer
* The grounds should be slightly coarse, with a granule size just larger than kosher salt.
  1. Place the coffee grounds in a 1-quart French press. Pour the water over the grounds and allow them to float and gather at the top. Once the grounds become saturated, gently stir them into the liquid.
  2. Place the lid with plunger over the press, without touching it to the surface of the mixture.
  3. Let the grounds steep at room temperature for 24 hours before pushing the plunger down. Using a mesh cone filter lined with a paper filter, strain the liquid into a jar. Press the grounds lightly to release all of the liquid.
  4. When ready to serve, dilute the mixture 1:1 with cold water, or dilute with more water as desired. Pour each serving over ice and add a2 Milk® Creamer.
Serving Size 251g
Total Carbohydrate
Total Fat

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