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About a2 Milk®

a2 Milk® is the only milk from cows hand-picked to naturally produce only the A2 protein and none of the A1

What makes a2 Milk® different?

Ordinary cows’ milk contain a mix of both A1 and A2 proteins. Yet, only a2 Milk® comes from cows selected to naturally produce only A2 protein and no A1 – and that makes all the difference.

Independently published research support that the A1 protein in ordinary cows’ milk might cause discomfort in some of us. If that’s you, a2 Milk® may help. But for the unique benefits of a2 Milk® to work it needs to be the real deal – true a2 Milk®, from cows that naturally produce only the pure A2 protein and none of the A1.

What is a2 Milk®?

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