Why you should teach your kids to cook

Turn your next culinary adventure into a teachable moment. Kids can do so much more than licking the mixing spoon! From science to math, tackling a recipe is the perfect way to reinforce core school skills while making something delicious together as a family. Here's why teaching kids to cook and bake is a great idea!

Baking teaches science principles. Want to make your little one's eyes grow wide? Let them help you magically transform egg whites into frothy clouds by incorporating air with a whisk. Or, let them peer through the oven window while a cake rises. 


Did you know it's the baking soda in the recipe that works as a leavening agent and makes the batter puff up? When baking soda mixes with an acidic ingredient like a2 Milk®, lemon juice or honey, little bubbles of carbon dioxide form and expand in the heated oven. That's how you get a fluffy cake! We think this fruit-topped chocolate cake is worth adding to your must-try list!


Following recipes reinforces math. Do you have a student who is struggling a bit with fractions and could use a little help? Make a special treat with them and cleverly ask them to measure all the ingredients for you! 


If you really want to challenge them, double the recipe so they have to do a few extra equations before you begin. We think desserts are fun things to cook with kids. This Low sugar cookie smoothie is a great place to start. Then, maybe graduate to these more elaborate Custard tartlets with fresh berries.


Cooking creates a sense of accomplishment. This weekend, challenge your kitchen-loving pre-teen to make dinner for the family. Giving them a goal to pursue, then helping them achieve it, will give them a boost of self-esteem. Share the recipes with them and let them know you'll be standing by to help with any food prep or questions about how to use specific kitchen tools. 


Consider making these Cauliflower mac and cheese bites served up with a fresh Spinach salad featuring toasted pine nuts and creamy manchego dressing. Want a dessert too? How does homemade ice cream sound? Here's a recipe.


Are you loving this additional time in the kitchen with your family? Browse our Recipes Blog for more ideas that your kids will enjoy making with you. Teaching kids to cook is not only educational for them, but it's a perfect way to bond as a family too!

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