Valentine's day crafts for kids

Love is in the air! As we welcome February, encourage your kiddos to express their care and admiration for others. A sweet note or little trinket of their affection should do the trick! These Valentine's Day crafts for kids make perfect gifts for special teachers, friends, family members, and classmates.

Paper Heart Wreath: Are your little ones working on their dexterity? Use heart-shaped cookie cutters or stencils to trace hearts onto patterned scrap-booking paper and solid colored construction paper. Then, work together to cut the hearts out of the paper. Together, help your children arrange the hearts into a large pizza-size circle, alternating the hearts, with patterned-sides facing down. Use clear tape to secure the hearts to one another in the shape of a ring. Turn over the wreath and use a hole punch at the top. Then, thread a colorful ribbon through and tie a loop to use for hanging. 


A Tin of Sweets: Spend time in the kitchen together making a tasty treat for Valentine's Day. We think bite-size cookies presented in a Valentine's Day tin from the craft store makes an adorable gift for all ages. Plan to mix up a batch of classic cutout cookies, trim them into heart shapes and decorate with pink and red icing. Or, try something different with these cookie and milk pops. When it comes to choosing sweet treats to share with others, you really can't go wrong!


Handmade Valentine Cards: Pull out the construction paper and art supplies. Help your child cut a heart out of a piece of solid-colored paper, then let them decorate the Valentine with their imagination. Maybe they use markers, stickers, or finger paints. Finally, work together to write a caring message on the paper. Start with the words, "You're special to me and my Valentine because..." to get the ideas flowing. These cards can be made to take to school or shared with family.

Homemade Tea Mix: Does that special someone love warm drinks? Have the kids follow a recipe to measure a handful of spicy winter seasonings, including cinnamon and cloves into a bowl to create a Chai Spice Latte. Pour the blend into a fancy jar and decorate it with ribbon and a festive To/From tag for the Valentine. On the back include mixing instructions to make the tea with hot water or warmed a2 Milk® Fat Free for a creamy treat.


A Bouquet of Handprints: Create unique flowers using tiny little handprints. This craft is perfect to do with all ages, including infants. Simply paint the child's palm with non-toxic red craft paint and have them press it on to a piece of white cardstock paper. Repeat this a few times to make a cluster of prints that look like red flowers. Now use a green marker to draw stems from the base of each handprint. Don't forget a few leaves! Tie a ribbon bow and glue it at the bottom of the page where all the stems come together. Finish the Valentine with a Happy Valentine's Day message and have the child sign their name (with your assistance if needed).


As you prepare for Valentine's Day, don't forget to stock up on a2 Milk® for extra cookie dunking and treat baking. Need some kitchen inspiration? Visit our Recipes Blog! Here's to a joyful February filled with love for all!

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