The Health Benefits of Dairy Milk for Kids

You are diligent about serving up glasses of chilled milk each morning at breakfast time. But, what are the health benefits of milk for kids? You have heard that milk promotes strong bones and teeth, but how exactly does that happen in the body?

Health Benefits of Dairy Milk for Kids

The experts at the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital say that calcium-rich foods, like dairy milk, are essential for children over the age of 1. Calcium is a mineral used to build strong bones, a process that's nearly complete by the time your child reaches the teen years. 

Milk formulated with fortified vitamin D helps the calcium absorb more effectively in your child's body. Calcium is also responsible for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, as well as the regulated release of hormones in the body. If your child isn't getting enough calcium from their diet, the body will source calcium from the bones as needed to maintain bodily functions. This isn't ideal, as it can weaken the bones, according to Johns Hopkins.

How Much Milk Does My Child Need?

A toddler's diet should include two to three servings of dairy products each day, or approximately 500 mg to 800 mg of calcium, according to a new set of recommendations published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other reputable organizations.  

Children ages 1 to 2 years should consume whole milk products for maximum nutrition, unless family history suggests lower fat products are preferred. After the age of 2, a switch to reduced-fat or low-fat milk is a good choice to be more mindful of fat intake.

In addition to bone development, milk is an important source of many nutrients that young children need for growth and development, like protein; vitamins A, D, and B12; potassium; phosphorus; riboflavin; and niacin - so let's drink up!

4 Ways to Make Milk Fun to Drink

If your kids are starting to get a little bored with plain white milk, why not get creative? Change the texture, add flavorings, or serve it with a silly straw. They will still receive the nutrition and health benefits while finding the milk more enjoyable.

Cool down with a milkshake. Offer a chilled Gingerbread milkshake in the afternoon after playtime. This simple recipe is made with a2 Milk® Whole, frozen banana chunks, molasses, and a few spices.

Try a new flavor. Do the kids love to snack on berries? Add them to milk! This Raspberry milk cooler comes together quickly in a blender and pairs perfectly with breakfast foods.

Make a creamy smoothie. Have your kitchen-curious little one help you prep and blend a treat that's made with delicious a2 Milk® Chocolate. This recipe for a Chocolate coconut almond smoothie is perfect for an after-dinner sweet tooth.

Relax with warmed milk. Speaking of chocolate milk, have you ever warmed it up and sipped it before bed? It's soothing and may help your child feel sleepy in the evening to help him rest. Don't forget to remind your child to brush their teeth after they enjoy their glass of milk!

As you plan your grocery order for the week ahead, add an extra carton or two of a2 Milk® to the list. It's the perfect drink to have on hand for quick, healthy snacks for both you and the kids that naturally contains only the A2 protein for happier digestion. 

The a2 Milk® difference

Our a2 Milk® comes from cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein. a2 Milk® is 100% real milk that’s easier on digestion and may help some avoid discomfort.

Rethink Your Milk

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