The best gluten-free Thanksgiving sides

From creamy mashed potatoes and colorful cranberry relish to classic green bean casserole, most traditional Thanksgiving dishes can easily be prepared without gluten.

From creamy mashed potatoes and colorful cranberry relish to classic green bean casserole, most traditional Thanksgiving dishes can easily be prepared without gluten. If you, a family member, or a guest, follow a gluten-free lifestyle, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to make your holiday meal meet special dietary needs.

Add a reminder to your shopping list to read all ingredient labels carefully. Gluten is a protein found in several common grains, including wheat, barley, and rye. Many companies will list allergens at the bottom of an ingredient list to make it easier to select foods that fit your lifestyle. Refer to The Celiac Disease Foundation for more helpful tips about reading product labels. Before we get cooking, make sure to take caution with your food preparation to prevent cross-contamination from utensils, cutting boards, and other non-gluten foods you may be cooking. When in doubt, ask your guest for advice in keeping your dishes gluten-free and what brands or ingredients are safe for them.

Sweet Potato Casserole: It’s not Thanksgiving without a dish of beautiful orange sweet potatoes. This naturally gluten-free recipe features all the familiar flavors of marshmallow, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon. To save on time, canned sweet potatoes can be used in lieu of baked and peeled fresh sweet potatoes.


Fresh Cranberry Relish: Skip the overly sugary canned berries and make a simple, fresh side instead. Whole fruits are naturally gluten-free, so this cranberry relish recipe made from cranberries, apples, raisins, oranges, and fruit juices is a welcomed addition to your wheat-free menu. Try the relish atop a slice of turkey in lieu of gravy or on the side as a serving of fruit.


Mashed Potatoes: Nestled between the turkey and gluten-free stuffing (try this veggie-infused version), add a pile of fluffy potatoes to your dinner plate. This simple Rich and Hearty Mashed Potatoes recipe doesn’t contain any thickeners (like some recipes that use wheat flour), making it gluten-free. Top the potatoes with homemade butter or a drizzle of gravy prepared with cornstarch or rice flour.


Green Bean Casserole: The blend of mushrooms, green beans, and a creamy sauce gleaned from the backs of soup cans has been a mainstay at holiday meals for generations. This recipe for green bean casserole, made with fresh green beans, chopped mushrooms, garlic, and thyme is sure to get added to your favorite gluten-free Thanksgiving sides list for future celebrations. The key to a gluten-free version of this classic is simply to remove the fried onions, an easy fix!

Old Fashioned Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream: If you’re serving up gluten-free pumpkin pie or gluten-free apple crisp, a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream is the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving dessert. Our recipe is made with a2 Milk® Whole and cornstarch, a naturally gluten-free thickener. Tip: Add seasonal flavors of ground cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, or apple pie spice to the ice cream for a delicious twist.


When it comes to bread sides, head to the grocery store for pre-made rolls, crackers, and breadcrumbs. Baking with gluten-free flours can be a little tricky for first-timers. Need more ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner? Check our recipes for delicious beverages, desserts, and side dishes!

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