So Long, Soreness! 5 Easy Workout Recovery Tips

We have all had the experience of waking up after a tough workout with legs that feel like lead and arms muscles that feel like jelly. While post-workout soreness is the inevitable follow-up to a great, hard workout, there are some things you can do to help your body recover quicker. From your diet to the post-exercise activities you do, here are five ways to reduce soreness and improve your post-workout recovery.

How to Recover from a Workout

Drink Chocolate Milk

Yes, really! Your favorite drink as a kid also packs some serious post-workout benefits. Studies have found that athletes who enjoy a glass of chocolate milk after a workout showed increased skeletal muscle protein synthesis, a crucial indicator that muscles are rebuilding. Additionally, drinking chocolate milk led to a longer time to exhaustion during the next workout. 

Next time you feel fatigued after a workout, reach for a glass of HERSHEY’S a2 Milk® to help rebuild your muscles and boost your performance during your next workout! You can also try incorporating chocolate milk into your favorite post-workout smoothie - we love this refreshing and delicious Chocolate coconut almond smoothie

Stretch and Release Tight Muscles

Much of the soreness you feel after a tough workout comes from muscles and connective tissue (called fascia) becoming knotted and tight. Taking the time to stretch and release tight muscles after exercise can do wonders for reducing next-day soreness. 

Basic stretching can be more than enough, especially if you take the time to concentrate on the areas you targeted during the workout. Runners may enjoy hamstring and glute stretches, while those who did an arm workout may be more inclined to work on chest openers and shoulder stretches. If you have a foam roller available, take advantage of it! The tool is designed to remove myofascial adhesions (or knots) that inhibit your recovery. 

Indulge in a Good Night’s Sleep

Often, the best thing you can do after a tough workout is to get a good night’s rest! Your body needs time to rest and recover after exercise, and sleeping seven or more hours is a great way to let your muscles relax, rejuvenate, and rebuild. While you sleep, you produce muscle-building hormones that increase blood flow to your muscles and allow for tissue growth and repair. 

Outside of rebuilding muscles, studies have found that athletes who got an average of 7.5 hours of sleep a night show a 13% increase in performance during their next workout. So, curl up and get those zzz’s - your body will thank you the next day! 

Get Lots of Protein

You have likely seen athletes and bodybuilders reaching for protein drinks and powder after a tough workout. Unsurprisingly, protein helps muscles recover and rebuild after exercise, improving muscle mass and strength in healthy adults.  You don’t have to eat a ton of protein right after working out - spreading protein intake throughout the day has just as many recovery benefits. 

After a workout, look for ways to add a bit of extra protein to your meals. a2 Milk has 8 grams of protein per serving, and can easily be integrated into a wide variety of meals. Try a berry smoothie to help you cool down, munch on chia seed pudding, or dig into a chicken pot pie for dinner to get those post-workout protein benefits. 

Try Active Recovery Activities

Working out again with sore muscles may not sound appealing. Still, studies have found that doing just 10 minutes of light, low-intensity exercise after a difficult workout can reduce inflammation in the body. Low-intensity exercises can be anything from swimming to walking to easy cycling to yoga - the goal is to get your body moving to increase blood flow and prevent lactic acid from building up in the muscles and causing that post-workout soreness. 

Ready to say ‘so long’ to soreness and help your muscles recover and rebuild quickly? Don’t forget to grab a carton of a2 Milk at your local grocery store to give your body the boost it needs to rock your next physical challenge. 

The a2 Milk® difference

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