It's okay to cry over spilled milk!

Cookies without milk are like peanut butter without jelly, bees without flowers, or cell phones without internet access–something just isn’t right. And that’s how we feel about most of the milk available in stores today; ‘Something’s just not right.’ So we got to the source of the problem and discovered liquid gold. Here’s why we love a2 Milk® and why we think you’ll love it too!

Nutritious and easier on the belly 

First up, what makes a2 Milk® different from 90% of cows milk available on the market? Well, most milk is from cows that naturally produce the A1 and A2 protein

However, research shows that the A1 protein may be responsible for many stomach issues associated with milk. A long time ago, cows naturally produced only the A2 protein. Due to genetic changes overtime, most cows now produce both A1 and A2. 

So for our milk, we work directly with select farmers to separate A2 cows and give them VIC treatment: Very Important Cows! Not only are they happier, but they’re also fed a diet that supports overall immunity and proper internal functions. 

For you, that means more enjoyable milk packed with nutrients and easier on your digestion.

Tastes great and works like magic for all your favorite recipes

We prefer a2 Milk® over other milk on the market. However, we may be a little impartial! Our customers love that a2 Milk® is a tastier, more velvety alternative to other cows' milk brands. 

And nothing beats a homemade Chai spice latte made with real whole milk. A2 is creamy without the gluten of oat milk and doesn’t burn as quickly as almond milk, so you get smooth, frothy coffee without the acrid aftertaste. 

You’ll also love that you can make thick, delicious cream for all your favorite soup, pie, and custard recipies. 

No added sugar or flavors

These days, plant-based milk is all the rage. But many of the original versions of the best-selling brands come with flavoring and added sugar. This is because plain nut milk isn’t great tasting.

Excess sugar can lead to spikes in blood sugar, excess weight gain, and moodiness throughout the day. So if you’re cutting back on sugar, you’ve got to be careful to grab the unsweetened versions. 

Making a savory meal? Be mindful of the flavoring, or you’ll accidentally turn grandma’s creamy tomato secret soup recipe into a nice treat for the garbage disposal.


That’s why our a2 Milk® Whole doesn’t come with added sugars or flavors. Just the velvety smooth taste you love. 

The recipes for a2 Milk® are endless

Use a2 Milk® as a tasty alternative to regular milk. Whether it’s in your favorite cookie recipe, a healthy smoothie, or as a refreshing drink, a2 Milk® is a versatile kitchen staple. 

Here are a few popular recipes to get started:

  • Coconut chocolate ganache latte or in our take of the viral sensation Dalgona coffee
  • Sweet or savory crepes - when you want to feel fancy for breakfast
  • Purple sweet potato pie - perfect to wow your guests during the holidays
  • Strawberry boba tea - to quench your thirst for boba

The real a2 Milk® difference? You get to enjoy your old favorites in a new way. So cookie dunkers, take your mark! But be careful, spilled milk this yummy is worth crying over. Find a2 Milk® from our growing list of local grocery retailers, including Amazon, Instacart, Kroger, Albertsons, and others near you. 

The a2 Milk® difference

Our a2 Milk® comes from cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein. a2 Milk® is 100% real milk that’s easier on digestion and may help some avoid discomfort.

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