How to Refresh Your Morning Routine

Sticking with a morning routine can be especially challenging during difficult times, especially if you're working from home or managing at-home schooling for your kids. As tempting as it is to roll out of bed and immediately dive into your day, setting up a morning ritual is essential. Enjoying quiet moments, like savoring your first cup of coffee or going on a short walk, is a chance to ground yourself and set a tone for the rest of the day. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring balance and a focus on wellness back into your morning routine.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine 

Give Yourself Ample Time to Wake Up

Nothing starts the day off on the wrong foot like waking up late and having to rush around. Instead of hitting snooze, give yourself the time you need to complete your healthy morning routine. 

While sleeping in may feel good in the short term, your day will be that much more relaxed if you take the time to set yourself up for success in the morning. If you have trouble waking up at your first alarm, try setting it for earlier in the morning so you still have time for a morning routine, even if you succumb to the snooze button a few times. 

Move Your Body Slowly and Gently

Stretching your body in the morning will benefit you throughout the day. Even simple movements can help increase blood flow to your brain, improve your posture, and reduce aches, pains, and kinks that built up over the previous day and night. 

While your body is still warm from bed, set aside 10 minutes first thing in the morning to stretch in front of a sun-filled window. We love these seven easy stretches to get your blood flowing. If you enjoy exercising and have the time in the mornings, consider going for a short run or walk or doing an online yoga class when you wake up. Your body will thank you! 

Add Creaminess to Your Breakfast

Taking the time to sit down and enjoy breakfast can do wonders for your mood and stress levels throughout the day. Instead of eating a granola bar in the car, prepare a nutritious breakfast you can enjoy at home. 

Whip up a flavorful stack of pancakes, and enjoy some a2 Milk® Half and Half drizzled over a bowl of fruit, or mix it into your coffee or tea for a coffee shop quality drink at home. a2 Milk® Half and Half only contains two natural ingredients: cream and milk. There are no artificial flavorings, fillers or colors. After preparing your breakfast, sit down and enjoy it while reading your favorite book or setting an intention for the day.

Focus Your Thoughts and Set Goals

Getting yourself in the right headspace for the day is one of the best things you can do in your morning routine. Take 10 minutes to meditate, journal, or write down your goals for the day. Let your mind wander a bit and see what bubbles up.

You can even combine one of the previously mentioned activities with this step to make the most out of your routine. For example, meditate while working through your morning stretches, or journal and goal set while you’re enjoying your nutritious breakfast. This saves time and keeps you on-track for the morning.

Take Time Just for You

The most important part of enhancing your morning routine is taking time for you! With days filled with work, kids, and chores at home, you may be limited on time that you can enjoy by yourself. 

Setting aside time in the mornings to focus on you -- whether that’s through stretching, reading, exercising, taking a long shower, or enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with half and half -- can reduce stress levels, in turn, boosting your mental health.

If you feel inspired to enhance your morning routine, don’t forget to add a2 Milk® Half and Half to your grocery list! The creamy deliciousness is a perfect addition to your morning coffee or tea, whether it's brewed hot or chilled. Find a2 Milk® Half and Half in the milk aisle at your local grocery store. 

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