How to maintain your mindfulness routine over the holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is exciting...and exhausting. That's why it's critical to keep self-care at the top of your to-do list. Your holiday routine should include staying on track with your mindfulness practice if you want to enjoy every bit of magic during this festive season.

Wait, What is Mindfulness Again?

Being mindful is simply being aware of the present moment. When you intentionally engage with your senses, you focus on the here and now, rather than worrying about the past or future. For example, the classic line about stopping to smell the roses is a moment of mindfulness. You use your vision to admire the beauty, nose to enjoy the scent, and fingers to touch the soft petals. At that moment, you're mindful of the flower and giving it your full attention.

4 Ways to Stay Mindful During the Holiday Season

If being more present for yourself and relaxed for your friends and family this season sounds amazing, it is! Here's how you can maintain your mindfulness routine and your holiday routine during this joyous time of year.

Schedule your usual self-care activities.

We often hope to fit too many things into our days during the holiday season. If you really want to be sure to enjoy a moment of mindfulness, you need to schedule it. Put it on your calendar just as you would a doctor's appointment or the kids' holiday program. Don't skip your usual yoga practice to get in sync with your mind and body or creative hobby just because you're busy with your holiday shopping and wrapping. You deserve time too!

Set a reminder on your smartphone.

Pick a time of day when you know you could use a breather, and have your phone chime to remind you to pause and reflect on the holidays. When the sound goes off, challenge yourself to spend one minute gazing at the Christmas tree, savoring the flavor of a piece of holiday candy, or sending a thinking-of-you text to someone you love. You do have time to pause for one minute each day!

Set time aside for holiday cheer.

The holidays can be full of endless tasks and errands, but it’s important to maintain the spirit of the season by dedicating some time for holiday traditions that bring you joy. Take a drive to look at the holiday lights in your neighborhood for a safe and socially distant activity. Being mindful of the twinkling lights and seasonal displays will get you into the holiday spirit!

Amplify your everyday rituals.

If you usually rush to the coffee maker, pour a cup, and sip while you get dressed for the day, why not give yourself five minutes to sit down and mindfully enjoy the drink before getting ready. Focus on the warmth of the mug, the steam tickling your face, and the rich flavor of the a2 Milk® Creamy Vanilla Coffee Creamer mixed into the brew. This calming moment sets you up for a relaxed morning.

Over the next few weeks, give yourself the gift of time and attention. By spending a few minutes here and there focused on the beauty and joy of the present moment, you're sure to feel happier and more engaged with the season. Happy holidays!

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