How to get back into your routine after the holidays

Lazy mornings, lingering lunches, and leisurely evenings abound during the holiday season. But, eventually, we have to pick up the pace. If you're struggling to get back into your usual daily routine after the holidays, you're not alone. Work, school, and family commitments await. Prioritize your physical and mental health to feel ready to take on every commitment and notification that pings throughout your day.

Ease into your schedule.

When preparing to take time off for the holiday, you likely set aside time for last minute tasks. Now, do that in reverse. Schedule extra time to manage a full email inbox or catch up on laundry. Add a few moments of downtime into your day for a mindfulness meditation or a few yoga stretches. This mix of productivity and relaxation is just what your brain and body need to ramp up to your usual daily schedule. 

Ask for help when needed.

You don't have to do it all. Reduce anxiety and feelings of overwhelm by delegating tasks to other members of the household and work team. Can the kids take out the trash while you brew a cup of tea? Can you ask a focused co-worker to spend five minutes filling you in on a project rather than reading miles of email threads? During the day, pause and ask yourself what you need. Maybe it's a soothing cup of coffee or a few minutes outside inhaling the fresh, crisp air.

Set realistic expectations.

After the holiday, it's common to want to better your routine. Start by making it tangible. If your daily to-do list looks more like a weekly list, get real with yourself, and move some tasks to other days in the week. Overstuffing your calendar doesn't make your days any easier, especially when you're trying to play catch-up. You'll be more focused and effective at whatever you're doing when you give yourself enough time to complete the task. Be reasonable -- and gentle with yourself -- when planning each day's activities.

Try new, inspiring things.

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Getting back into your routine after the holidays doesn't have to be abrupt and draining. Instead, schedule your first few days a little light, allow a realistic amount of time to complete your tasks (with added assistance, as needed) and add a new experience or two to the mix to make the transition an enjoyable journey. Here's to a happy and healthy new year ahead!

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