7 Ways to stay active at work

If you think having a desk job means you have to sit idle in a chair all day, think again.  You can stay active at work, complete your tasks, and improve your health all within your eight-hour shift. It just takes a little creative thinking and remembering to tuck a pair of sneakers under your desk for impromptu walks.

Healthy Habits & Exercises to Do at Work

If you're trying to reduce the afternoon yawns, implementing a few of these ideas into your work day is sure to boost your energy and help you burn a few extra calories too!

Take a Short Break. Switch up your routine and trade in messaging your coworkers for a trip to their desk to chat in person. Use this time to take a break from a day of sitting and to stretch your legs. Instead of refilling your water and going straight to your desk, take a short walk around the common area or down the hallway before heading back.

Do arm exercises. When you find yourself with a task that has you staring at your screen, like reading a long document, take the opportunity to get your arms moving! One easy move you can do at your desk is to stretch them out into a 'T'  and make basketball-size circles.

Take lunch out. If you bring your lunch, move beyond your desk to eat it. Whether you walk to a picnic table outside the office building, or down the hall to a lounge area, any extra movement you can sneak in is good for you. If you plan to eat out, pick a restaurant a little further away than usual, and walk there.

Skip celebration cakes. When it's time to plan the next birthday or going away party, suggest a healthy menu for the festivities. A taco bar brimming with veggie toppings, homemade milkshakes flavored with fresh fruit or bite-size veggies with dips are more nutrient dense than cake and ice cream.

Adopt walking meetings. If you need to meet with a colleague one-on-one to discuss a project, forego the usual conference room protocol. Walk around instead! Go outside, to another floor in your building or to a nearby public business. Use the voice recorder on your cellphone to take verbal notes so you can focus on the conversation while moving.

Skip snack machines. When the afternoon munchies pop up, don't cave in and grab a candy bar. Instead, stock the office fridge with a handful of high protein snacks like a2 Milk® 2% Reduced Fat Milk, roasted almonds or chicken meatballs. These will help you feel fuller longer than sugary, high-carbohydrate snacks.

Tone your legs. Each time your phone rings with a quick call, leave your chair and do a wall sit while you chat. You'll strengthen your legs, keep the call brief and be back at your desk in no time. If there's no wall nearby, do standing squats as you chat!

As you decide how to stay active at work, make a grocery list of healthy snacks to stock in the office refrigerator, so you don't ruin your progress with poor food choices. Be sure to include a quart of a2 Milk® on the list so you can pour a refreshing, filling glass -- for you or your co-workers --  any time of day.

The a2 Milk® difference

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Rethink Your Milk

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