6 Delicious holiday dishes to serve this year

If you're having a smaller holiday celebration than usual this year, why not refresh your menu? This is the perfect time to try new recipes. Make the holidays even more special by dialing up a video call and preparing the holiday dishes with loved ones virtually. You can share funny cooking woes and helpful baking tips while you meal prep. As you finalize plans, here are a few of our favorite holiday dishes to consider for your dinner table.

Spinach salad with toasted pine nuts

Tired of tossed salad? This holiday introduce your family to a garden-fresh mix of baby spinach, peas, onions and toasted pine nuts. The refreshing blend is topped with a creamy dressing made with manchego (sheep's milk) cheese. This side pairs perfectly with literally any entree -- from vegetarian lasagna to prime rib.

Roasted cauliflower-broccoli pasta bake by Curtis Stone

If this is the year you're ready to try a new green veggie at the table, let it be this one. Fresh broccoli florets combine with bite-size cauliflower in a creamy béchamel sauce made with a2 Milk® Whole. You can bet the kids will ask for a second scoop of this baked casserole-style veggie.

Rich and hearty mashed potatoes

Classic, simple and kid-approved, these three-ingredient potatoes must make it to your table. The secret is choosing creamy Yukon Gold potatoes and rich a2 Milk® Whole to recreate this holiday staple that everyone hopes to see on the menu. Want to really impress? Make homemade butter (in 10 minutes!) to several alongside the mashed potatoes.

Cauliflower mac & cheese bites

All ages will appreciate these hand-held treats featuring whole grain pasta. They can pop up as an appetizer, work as a side dish or be the entrée at the kid's table. Make the mac in regular-size or mini-muffin tins, whichever best suits your serving plans. This recipe makes 24 small bites, perfect for pre-meal snacking or curious toddler fingers.

Bread pudding with orange marmalade and whisky currants

This old-fashioned dessert is modernized with sweet-meets-savory currants soaked in your favorite holiday whisky. With each bite of the custard-laden bread, you'll fondly reminisce about Christmases past. If you have any leftovers, this recipe warms up beautifully for breakfast the next day served with over-easy eggs and fresh fruit.

Caramel apple latte

Finish the meal with a seasonal beverage filled to the brim with holiday flavors of apple, brown sugar and sweet cream. This coffee drink will give you a boost of energy to play games, open gifts and enjoy family time on Christmas. For kiddos, try making this recipe using caffeine-free herbal chicory coffee or rooibos tea.

Looking for more holiday dishes to consider for your special celebration? Browse the a2 Milk® Recipes blog for everything from smoothies for Christmas breakfast to holiday dinner dishes...and of course, a few sweet dessert treats too! May your days ahead be merry and bright!

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