5 Mindfulness Tips for a Healthy Morning Routine

Put a pep in your step and feel more fulfilled in the days ahead by getting intentional with the first hour or so of each day. Engaging in activities you enjoy as part of a mindful morning routine, even if only for a few minutes, can set you up for a happier, healthier day.

5 Mindful Activities to Start Your Day

The most effective mindfulness activities lean into experiencing the world around you by engaging all of your senses, paying close attention to the moment you are in, and finding acceptance for what you notice. Here are a few ways you can create a mindful morning routine as soon as tomorrow.

Take a Short Walk

Whether you journey out on a neighborhood sidewalk or a local nature trail, challenge yourself to focus on the landscape, not your to-do list of the day. Notice the colors of the trees. Name the sounds you hear. Do you hear birds? Water moving? Children laughing in the distance? 

As you walk, deeply inhale the fresh air. Notice how it feels going into your nostrils and filling your lungs. Is it cool? Does it have a fragrance? Take in all aspects of the nature around you and notice how it makes you feel mentally and physically.

Read Some Inspirational Texts

Sit down with a book of positive quotes, a self-help book, or a collection of short meditations and immerse yourself in the words. Really think about each sentence as you consume it. You might only make it through one or two paragraphs before you feel like you want to stop and reflect on the meanings of the words. Remember: You're being mindful of the text, not skim reading for fast consumption. Be present with the ideas expressed in the reading.

Flow Through Gentle Yoga

Moving your body gets the blood flowing and wakes up the mind. Queue up a slow 15-minute practice to make you aware of how your body feels in this moment. Do you feel tightness in your hips? Is your back sore? Move through the poses and direct your awareness to the areas that need attention. Focus on loosening and soothing the muscles with each breath and stretch. This is you time to set you up for a better day ahead!

Make a Healthy Breakfast

Prepare something delicious that makes you smile. If you find cooking relaxing, try a new breakfast recipe, such as these Chocolate waffles or a Ginger orange smoothie bowl. Or, simply linger over a cup of coffee enhanced with a splash of a2 Milk® Half and Half. Then enjoy your breakfast one bite or sip at a time, uninterrupted. You may have to sneak away to a patio, living room, or porch. Focus on the flavors, texture, and temperature for at least 10 minutes.

Create a Journal Entry

Finally, a fabulous way to be mindful is to have a conversation through journaling. You can write a few sentences, a list of words, or even doodle. Whatever is in your head, let it flow out of your mind and onto the paper. Pretend you're chatting with a good friend and tell them what you're thinking and feeling. You might be surprised to discover the 'why' behind some lingering thoughts. 

Use your mornings to pause and check in with yourself. These mindfulness activities allow you to do just that by focusing your attention on the moment directly in front of you. If you want to incorporate some more healthy habits into your morning routine, don't forget to pick up a carton of a2 Milk at your local grocery store. It provides you with better protein, naturally, giving you essential nutrients to fuel your day. Here's to experimenting with a new mindful morning routine!

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