5 meaningful New Year's resolutions

As we embark on a new decade, take a moment to reflect on what's truly important in life. Do you want to nurture your friendships? Take your relationship to a new level? Or meet a personal health challenge? It's possible by setting intentional goals. This January vow to make a meaningful new year's resolution to improve your life.

Start a new fitness routine. Set your intentions on tackling an activity, not weight loss results. Is this the year you finally sign up for that kickboxing class? Or, maybe you and your spouse buy bikes and explore the trails in your community. Put the activity on the calendar as a firm appointment. Finding something fresh and exciting that helps burn calories is a great way to make fitness a reality. 


Be a better friend. We all have people in our life we adore but don't seem to visit with often enough. This year, look at your calendar and block out time to give your undivided attention to friends. Maybe you keep one lunch a week open for connecting with a buddy. Or, perhaps you spend every Tuesday evening chatting with your long-lost bestie from college. Set a time to the goal, and you'll deepen your friendships in no time.




Check-in with yourself. Do you feel pulled in several directions and exhausted at the end of each day? Buy a journal and give yourself 10 minutes each morning to write a note to yourself. How are you feeling? What brings you joy in life? Read through the entries every few days and look for patterns and insight on things that you need to give more attention to, and how practicing self-care might help you better tackle your day. 


Eat the rainbow daily. If you're working on transitioning to a more nutritionally balanced lifestyle, keep it simple by focusing on making your plate more colorful. You'll naturally be noshing on more fruits and vegetables. And don't forget the beverages! Instead of sugary sodas and juices, opt for water flavored with lemon wedges, or a tall glass of a2 Milk® packed with protein.          


Nurture your partnership. Whether you're married or in a serious relationship, set aside time to focus completely on the two of you as a couple. A weekly date night away from the kids, other friends or responsibilities allows you to connect directly and more fully than quick phone calls and texts throughout the week. Discuss what's going on with each of you individually and as a couple to keep the lines of communication flowing. 


Whether you're doing date night at home with a homemade dinner or looking for healthy smoothies to sip after your workout, we've got ideas! Browse our recipes to spark breakfast to dinner inspiration. Happy New Year!

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