5 Healthy New Year's resolutions to make in 2021

After a challenging and unusual year like 2020, it’s no surprise we’re all looking to the future as the year comes to a close! Let the start of 2021 be the inspiration you need to ramp up your self-care and focus on improving your physical and mental health. You likely already have good ideas, now let's turn them into healthy habits!

How Do I Get a New Year's Resolution to Stick?

Before creating a guiding mantra for 2021 or mapping out meal plans in your daily planner, be sure you're approaching your goals in a way that will keep you on track. 

To create new long-lasting changes, the folks at Harvard Medical School offer some tips. Break big dreams into smaller bite-size steps, remind yourself often why you're making changes, and celebrate each time you complete a mini-milestone in the journey. We think sipping a Snickerdoodle latte while expressing gratitude for an accomplishment is a great reward!

5 Healthy New Year's Resolutions for 2021

Creating effective, healthy new year's resolutions starts by setting an intention with "I" language. Make the phrase positive, specific, and personal to your needs. Here are a few ideas to consider.

I will establish a morning routine.

How you start each day influences how your day will unfold. Is it rushed? Or relaxed?  One micro-step to start this resolution is sitting down to enjoy your morning cup of coffee with a splash of a2 Milk® Creamy Vanilla Coffee Creamer, instead of rushing around the house. Or, take five minutes to read an inspiring poem. Do a few stretches. Keep the changes small, and let them stack up like building blocks until you have a morning routine in place that helps you launch into the day with feel-good vibes.

I will exercise each day.

It's no secret exercise makes us happier and healthier. To make this resolution part of your daily routine, incorporate movement that you actually enjoy. Maybe walking the dog around your favorite park or playing basketball in the driveway with the kids is more appealing than stepping on the treadmill. Then, do it! As long as you're moving your body, it counts as exercise. Ask your healthcare professional for additional exercise ideas that are best for your body.

I will eat more vegetables.

We love a good salad (like this Spinach salad with toasted pine nuts), but also enjoy indulging in comfort foods too, like mashed potatoes. So, why not make a compromise and have it all! Try mixing mashed cauliflower with potatoes for a lower-carb side dish. Or, make lasagna layered with thin-sliced vegetables like zucchini and squash in lieu of fatty meats? Little tweaks to your favorite dishes are all it takes to eat healthier.

I will be a better friend.

Life gets busy. It can be hard to nurture extended relationships when the kids have a school project to finish or the significant other has a date-night planned. Again, think bite-size steps. Can you send a quick text to a friend on your lunch hour to check-in and touch base? A simple way to connect is by sharing something that had a positive impact on your day recently, like walking through a new neighborhood or trying a new recipe. You'll both appreciate the connection! 

I will love me more.

At the core of a healthy mind and body is pure self-love. Each day, be sure to do something by yourself that brings you joy, whether it's for five minutes or five hours. Maybe it's dancing to your favorite song, chatting with a therapist, reading a chapter in a book, or making a recipe you love. These acts can show love to your mind, like coloring a page in a coloring book, or your body, like eating foods that make you feel good (like a2 Milk®!). If it makes you smile, it's good for you!

Are you ready to try something new in 2021? Think small! Little changes add up. As you make progress, pause to reflect on the achievements you've made. Yes, swapping a side of fries for roasted broccoli at dinner time counts! Here's to a happy and healthy 2021 ahead for you and your loved ones.

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