4 ways to practice body positivity

The chatter has begun! If you're hearing people comment on getting their body 'bikini ready' or working on a 'summer body', you're not alone. This time of year, we have a tendency to look a little closer at our physical appearance and feel the need to change it to fit someone else's expectations. That can put a lot of pressure on anyone! This season, we’re committed to help you practice body positivity -- an acceptance of our bodies, no matter what state they’re in -- instead. Count on a2 Milk® as your sidekick moving forward in your mind and body wellness journey.

Pick a swimsuit you love, and wear it!

Love the body you're in and find a suit to match. Maybe this year you try a new style or cut that flatters your current figure, rather than trying to hide areas you don't admire. You never know how cute a swim dress, bikini, board shorts, or tankini might look on your shape until you try it. You know how good it feels to find that pair of winning yoga pants or jeans? Swimsuits are the same way! Try them on until you find the cut and shape that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

Practice positive self affirmations.

Whether you speak them out loud, jot them in a journal or just think them in your mind, affirmations are powerful phrases that help to reprogram our subconscious thinking. Try these affirmations to embrace self-love and squash negative thoughts: I am beautiful today. I love my body. I am healthy. I am making good choices for myself. I am proud to be me. After speaking or thinking about these phrases, what comes up? Acknowledge your feelings and work through them with a friend, family member, pen and paper, or therapist.

Move your body with engaging activities.

We're all tired of the treadmill and stationary bike. Instead of grueling through another workout or saying we need to exercise more, plan to participate in an activity that has the benefit of being physical too! Maybe you join an outdoor summer volleyball league, vow to walk the dog daily, go on Sunday nature hikes with the family or team up with a friend for Saturday morning kayaking. You'll be having fun, embracing body positivity and burning calories naturally. Looking for fitness inspiration? Check out Polly’s tips on Instagram.

Prepare foods you love to eat.

Sure, we all need to be aware of what we put on our plates, but that doesn't mean we can't eat delicious foods while making healthy choices too! The secret is minding portion sizes and saving sweet treats for...treats! You'll feel good about yourself when you enjoy the foods you love in moderation. So, why not make a batch of these White chocolate meltaways to enjoy (and share with a neighbor!) through the week? Savor every bite without guilt! Or, try our refreshing Pineapple mango avocado smoothie to refuel after a workout.

As you work on meal plans, focus your mindset on organizing healthy, delicious meals that nourish your body, rather than what you need to cut or avoid. This helps you stay positive and moving forward with good decisions! Browse our recipes for new snack, dessert and meal ideas to add to your menus. They all contain a2 Milk®, a healthy protein-packed ingredient that benefits everyone of all ages and sizes!

The a2 Milk® difference

Our a2 Milk® comes from cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein. a2 Milk® is 100% real milk that’s easier on digestion and may help some avoid discomfort.

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