4 Tips to Make Working from Home More Productive

When your home and workplace fall under the same roof, it can be difficult to separate the two. Should I be folding laundry, or sending that email? Is it OK to take a phone call from my friend during my work hours? If you want to learn how to be productive when you work from home, set yourself up for success before your workday begins.

Clean your desk

When working from home, designate a specific area to complete your tasks. Whether it's the kitchen table or a dedicated home office, keep it tidy. Use breaks to clear away snack wrappers, file paperwork, and put away any toys or distractions that have shown up in your home office. Can you see clutter from your workspace? Remove that too, or your gaze will keep lingering to what needs to be done across the way. Clearing distractions allows you to start your next session focused on your to-do list.

Prepare food ahead 

Even though your commute may be seconds, think of your workday as if you only have access to a workplace cafeteria. All of your food for the day, including snacks, should be pre-planned and easy to grab to save on time. For example, maybe you eat breakfast before your workday starts, enjoy leftovers from dinner for your lunch, and prep a snack the night before. We love fresh veggies and hummus, a protein-packed berry smoothie made with a2 Milk® Whole, or a piece of fresh fruit to curb the afternoon munchies.

Share your hours

Only you know when you need to be focused on work, so share your schedule with members of your household. Since you're always home, nobody knows if you're on the clock or available for personal interaction. A simple schedule posted on the refrigerator works well. Then, send a quick message to key family and friends at the start of the week with your work hours. You will receive fewer tempting personal calls or random visits during your workday, helping you be more productive with your time.

Set physical boundaries

It can be hard for children and partners to know if you're on your laptop for fun or for a video call with your boss. Consider going into a room with a door that can close when you need to focus on your work. Or, go to an outdoor patio table, away from where others are gathering. Physically distancing yourself from the household signals to them (and you) that it's time to do your thing! 

Learning how to be productive when you work from home takes some trial and error. Identify what's working well, and what's not, then find solutions. As you create a schedule and prep for your day, don't forget to add a2 Milk® to the shopping list so you can grab a quick bowl of cereal each morning, sip a milkshake in the afternoon or try that new creamy soup recipe for dinner. You can find our calcium-packed milk at these stores near you.

The a2 Milk® difference

Our a2 Milk® comes from cows that naturally produce only the natural A2 protein. a2 Milk® is 100% real milk that’s easier on digestion and may help some avoid discomfort.

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