4 tips to help you adjust to daylight savings time

How to adjust to daylight savings time - starting now!

Brighter mornings await!  Soon we can celebrate the end of Daylight Savings Time, the historical practice of adjusting our clocks to best accommodate the planting, growing and harvest seasons, according to The Old Farmer's Almanac

On Saturday before daylight savings time, when you go to bed, set your clock back one hour and you'll be right on time for your plans the following day. In the meantime, you can prep for the upcoming shift in your sleep cycle.

Listen to your body's natural sleep cues. When you feel tired, don't push yourself to stay awake. Hit the sheets and let your body's natural circadian rhythm work its magic. You might find yourself wanting to nod off earlier than usual since it's getting darker outside earlier in the evening. Go with it and let the morning sunshine be your wake-up call (at least on days off!) instead of the numbers on the clock.


Plan an easy or exciting breakfast. After dinner, take a few moments to decide what you and your family will have for breakfast. Maybe it's a quick and nutritious option you can prep ahead of time, like yogurt with homemade granola. Or, if you have a lingering weekend morning coming up, venture into Creamy Skillet Eggs with a side of banana nut waffles. Knowing you have something delicious to look forward to makes it easier to get up and going.

Create a nighttime family plan. Instead of being upset about the shift in daylight, make it work to your advantage. After the kids tackle their homework and everyone enjoys dinner, why not engage in a family activity like watching a movie, going for a night hike with flashlights at a local park, playing board games or going for a drive to view the sunset. Just because it's dark outside, you don't have to go to bed extra early!


Embrace the brighter mornings. Revamp your waking hours to fully enjoy the sunshine, especially since you won't have as many daylight hours in the evenings. We love the idea of taking a short morning walk, doing a few stretches by an open window, or lingering on a porch with an Earl Grey Latte to get your morning off to a fabulous start.

Start a few of these new routines this week, and you'll be ready to go when the clocks roll back an hour in November. If you need inspiration for upcoming family dinners or breakfasts, view our handy online recipe blog.

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