6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter | a2 Milk® USA
6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter | a2 Milk® USA

6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

Posted on January 24, 2019

It’s sniffles season. Germs are on the loose, and we want to help you keep your kids healthy this winter. The secret? Boost your child’s nutrition, enforce good habits, and take preventative measures to avoid lingering germs.

The following tips and tricks from Baby Center and Parents Magazine can help you and your kids stay healthy this season. Try adding a few of these ideas to your daily routine to boost your kids’ health.

How to Keep Kids Healthy This Winter

keep kids healthy this winter

Wash those hands

With cold and flu bugs out in full force, it’s a good idea to be proactive about lathering up every time your kids use the restroom, visit a public place (like playgrounds and schools,) and before eating. Entice your child to partake by singing a song together or using colorful soaps each time you wash.

Offer healthy foods

Fueling everyone in the family with nutrient-dense whole foods boosts your immunity so you can fight off germs. For example, a2 Milk® is a rich source of protein, calcium, and vitamins A, D, and B12 to help your kids feel their best. You can use milk to make mugs of hot chocolate after school or in a warm cream of chicken soup for dinner.

Play outside often

During the winter it’s still important to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, especially after being cooped up inside all day. Plan to build snowmen, go on winter nature walks, or maintain a winter bird feeder to keep your child active. Bundle up, and have a ball!

Get ample rest

The body needs downtime to fight off lingering viruses or bacteria that might make us sick. Be sure your child is going to bed on time and gets restful sleep. A night light, soothing music, or calming bedtime stories can make their evenings more relaxing.

Buy new toothbrushes

If your child has been getting sick regularly, look at their daily hygiene products. Invest in a new toothbrush to keep sore throats and colds away. It’s also a good idea to change the bathroom and kitchen hand towels daily to avoid spreading germs.

Drink more liquids

Dehydration makes a child’s body more susceptible to getting sick. Always keep water or milk nearby for them to sip on, and be sure they have a glass during meals and snack breaks. Picky kid? Try a few fun ways to encourage them to drink milk, or pick up a carton of chocolate milk at your local grocery store. 

We hope these winter health hacks will keep your household sneeze-free this season. If you need some inspiration for healthy meals and snacks to serve your family during chilly months, browse our recipes blog for tasty dishes featuring a2 Milk®


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