6 Healthy Habits to Adopt this Summer | a2 Milk® USA
6 Healthy Habits to Adopt this Summer | a2 Milk® USA

6 Healthy Habits to Adopt this Summer

Posted on June 4, 2019

It’s time for a fresh start! With the kids begging for something to do and the farmer’s market flourishing with fresh produce, it’s the perfect time to take inventory of our daily habits. Can you make healthier choices for yourself and your family? Sometimes all it takes are a few small shifts in scheduling and a little extra planning to make wellness a priority.


Quality sleep, regular exercise, and eating whole foods are at the core of good health. But how do we actually make those things happen? By adopting good habits! Can you add a few of these ideas to your summer health reboot?


Self care for moms healthy habits to adopt this summer


Start an outdoor after-dinner family activity. Whether you get on your bikes and cruise around the neighborhood, visit the public swimming pool or take the dog for a walk, getting out and about in the fresh air and sunshine is sure to burn a few calories and boost your mood. Be sure to snap a few photos to preserve these family moments.


Swap out your summer drinks. Skip the sugary soda, energy drinks, and fruit juices. Instead, experiment with refreshing glasses of a2 Milk® during meals and snacks. You can switch up the flavors by stirring in tasty spoonfuls of pureed fruit (we like mango and strawberry) or a squirt of sundae sauce in chocolate or caramel flavors!


Find a new active hobby. From community centers to community colleges, summer activities for all ages are in full swing. Maybe this is the summer you join the neighborhood softball team or take tennis lessons. Find a six to eight-week program that fits your schedule, then stick to it! It’s the perfect way to socialize and sneak extra movement into your week.


Playing Tennis Healthy Habits to adopt this Summer


Make your water more flavorful. We all know we need to drink more water, especially on hot summer days. Treat yourself to a new reusable water bottle, then fill it up often! The Mayo Clinic recommends that adults sip on 3-4 liters of water per day. Experiment with using frozen fruit chunks, like watermelon or cherries, to keep your drink cold while adding a hint of flavor. You can also try sliced oranges, limes, and lemons for a citrus taste.


Set up a sleep routine. With school out and longer, lighter days ahead, it can be easy to sleep late or forgo a usual bedtime. Instead, set a reminder on your cellphone to start winding down an hour before you want to hit the sheets. Make it me-time! Take a bath, read a book, meditate, or do some gentle yoga. Focus on relaxation, then get your rest.


Track your food and exercise. Download a fitness app onto your cellphone and learn where you could improve by logging your daily meals, snacks, and activities. Are you eating too much sugar? Not getting enough steps in? Let the app be your personal guide to making healthy habits for summer. Once you see some trends, speak with your healthcare provider about the best ways to manage your health.


With a little shift in your routine, you can celebrate a healthier summer! Next time you make a grocery run, stock up on simple snacks to have on hand for those grab-and-go moments. We love roasted nuts, dried fruits, hard boiled eggs, crisp pea pods, and a few cartons of a2 Milk® to fill our reusable drink containers.  Make your summer delicious and healthy!

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