5 Spring Activities for Families | a2 Milk® USA
5 Spring Activities for Families | a2 Milk® USA

5 Spring Activities for Families

Posted on April 3, 2019

Hello, warm spring days! Let’s energize the entire crew this season by breaking away from our usual routines and getting a little creative with spring activities for families. Mix up your breakfast plans. Add a twist to your favorite family pastime. Tackle new recipes. And, always take time to play in the rain! Here’s how to make lots of memories as a family while the seasons change.

  1. Make funny-face pancakes on the patio. As you pour the batter on an electric griddle, let everyone reach in and create silly faces on the pancakes using fresh sliced strawberries for lips, blueberries for eyes and banana chunks for noses.  Don’t forget to serve the pancakes up with tall glasses of a2 Milk® 2% Reduced Fat Milk. Linger on the patio to enjoy breakfast and the start of a new day together.


Kids making pancakes for a spring activity with their family


  1. Go for a nature hunt bike ride. Dust off the bicycles and cruise the neighborhood looking for signs of spring. As soon as you see one, call it out, so everyone can see and enjoy. You might notice tulips blooming in a park, tiny leaf buds on a tree or a robin drinking at a birdbath. What will you see?


  1. Bake spring treats and share with the neighbors. Get everyone involved in measuring and mixing homemade desserts such as apple cinnamon scones or almond butter blossom cookies. Then, make a visit to the families around you to say hello, share the treats and see how they’re doing. It’s also a great time to set up play dates for the kids or invite neighbors to a spring weekend BBQ.

almond butter blossoms


  1. Plan a rainbow picnic, then go! Ask everyone in the family to brainstorm colorful foods that would be fun to pack and take to a favorite outdoor location to enjoy for lunch. We think a fruit salad made with red cherries, mandarin orange slices, and yellow pineapple chunks would pair well with sandwiches piled high with deli meat, sliced red tomatoes, yellow cheese, and green leaf lettuce. And, dessert? Blueberry pie or berry madness smoothies would perfectly round out the rainbow.


Berry flaxseed smoothie with a2 milk


  1. Take rainy day selfies in puddles. Slip into rubber boots and raincoats, with umbrellas and cameras in-hand. Challenge everyone to jump in a puddle, then look down at the rippling water and their distorted reflections mirrored back at them. Snap pictures, then head indoors and look at the funny results together.


We challenge you to pick one of these ideas to add to your calendar right now. In the meantime, pick up an extra carton of a2 Milk® next time you’re at the store so you won’t have to pass up any impromptu pancake-making or milkshake sipping moments!

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