5 Simple Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipes | a2 Milk® USA
5 Simple Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipes | a2 Milk® USA

5 Refreshing Iced Coffee Recipes

Posted on April 8, 2019

What’s cool, creamy and oh so delicious? Your morning coffee! You know spring is here when your cravings shifts from steamy lattes to chilled coffee coolers. Bring on the iced coffee recipes! Whipping up these drinks on occasion will save you a few dollars and let you experiment with fancy flavor combinations you might not otherwise explore.  

It’s Coffee Time! Gather Your Ingredients

The key to making indulgent coffee concoctions at home is having all the tasty mix-ins on hand. Think like a coffee house manager and add these ingredients to your shopping list.
  • Several coffee varieties: From full-bodied dark roasts to lighter breakfast blends, keep a few types of beans on hand to brew. Are the kids intrigued? Add a package of decaf to your cart.
  • Flavored drink syrups: We love caramel, vanilla, peppermint, hazelnut, and chocolate. If you see a flavor you’d like to try, buy a small bottle and give it a go!
  • Fresh cold milk: For a rich, coffee shop-like experience, stock up on a2 Milk® Whole. This coffee mix-in makes your drink creamy and filling, thanks to the protein found in milk!
  • Flavorful ground seasonings: Whether you sprinkle them on top, or blend them with the coffee, classics like cinnamon and pumpkin spice can take your everyday cup to the next level.
You can also stock coffee toppers like sweetened cocoa powder, instant coffee crystals or canned coconut milk used in Asian cooking. Scoop out the sweet non-dairy cream floating at the top of the container to add a flavorful twist to an afternoon iced coffee.  

Hello, Java! 5 Simple Iced Coffee Recipes to Try

A1 protein-free iced vanilla coffee Thirsty yet? Head to the kitchen and brew a pot of your favorite coffee blend, then let it cool to room temperature. Pour it into a pitcher or carafe and tuck it in the refrigerator, so you have fresh coffee ready for the morning — or later today. Tip: You can also keep instant coffee on hand for even faster prep!
  • Good Morning Classic: Pour cooled coffee over a glass filled with ice until the coffee makes the glass three-fourths full. Top off the drink with  a2 Milk® Whole, mix and enjoy.
  • Cocoa Latte Lover: Fill a glass with cubes of frozen  a2 Milk® Chocolate (made in your ice cube tray), then add cooled or slightly warm coffee to help melt the cubes. Stir and top with a dusting of cocoa powder.
  • Iced Vanilla Coffee: Have a few extra minutes? Try our recipe for homemade vanilla simple syrup (it really is easy!) and make your own gourmet vanilla ice coffee drink in 20 minutes.
  • After Dinner Coffee: Fill a glass three-fourths full with ice cubes, then add your chilled coffee. Add a tablespoon or two of a flavored drink syrup. Try combining hazelnut and chocolate. Or, vanilla and cinnamon. Finally, top off with a2 Milk®, mix and serve.
  • Bedtime Coffee Treat: On a warm summer evening, skip the heated milk or hot cocoa and fill your mug half full with chilled a2 Milk®. Then, add cold decaf coffee to the brim. You can share a sip or two with the little ones!
Are you ready to become your own barista? Stock up on both  a2 Milk® Whole and Chocolate so you can indulge in an iced coffee whenever you need a refreshing pick-me-up, day or night.
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