5 Reasons to Love Milk This Summer | a2 Milk® USA
5 Reasons to Love Milk This Summer | a2 Milk® USA

5 Reasons to Love Milk This Summer

Posted on July 17, 2018

During childhood, a tall glass of milk signaled good times ahead. After-school snack breaks, late Saturday morning breakfasts, and fresh-baked cookies and more! It naturally goes with everything, so this summer, why not make milk memories with your family?

1. Focus on health

5 Reasons to Drink & Love Milk This Summer Girl sitting in window drinking milk

One of the first reasons to drink milk is nutrition. Milk is a healthy beverage that’s rich with calcium and protein. You won’t find that in sugary sports drinks or soda! At a2 Milk®, we focus on providing you and your family milk from cows that only produce the A2 protein, which may help some of your loved ones avoid discomfort when enjoying a dairy treat.


2. Enjoy natural refreshment

We all wonder where our packaged foods and drinks come from. At a2 Milk®, the answer is simple: cows. One of the benefits of drinking milk from our family farms is that we follow strict animal welfare guidelines (AKA – Validus Certified) and our cows aren’t treated with growth hormones, rBST or antibiotics to ensure that you can enjoy the most pure milk possible.


3. Try new flavors

Go one step further and get creative with your milk. Our regular and a2 Milk® Chocolate Milk are tasty, but have you ever swirled a spoonful of flavored syrup (like strawberry, boysenberry or blueberry) into a glass of milk? It’s delicious! You can also get creative with leftover fruit sauces, like strawberry glaze from shortcake or rhubarb sauce.


4. Create summer memories

If you’re hoping to start a new summer tradition, a2 Milk® might be the cornerstone of that effort. Sunday afternoon milkshakes in the backyard, tall glasses of milk after chasing evening fireflies or warm cups of hot cocoa with bedtime stories create memories you’ll cherish.


5 Reasons to Drink & Love Milk This Summer a2 Milk Family Baking

5. Explore new recipes

Long summer days just beg for bonding time in the kitchen. Whip up something new. We suggest making homemade ice cream as a family, trying a cool breakfast smoothie before swimming lessons or making a batch of homemade granola to take to that upcoming picnic.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you enjoy your summer! a2 Milk® is ready to join you on your adventures, from milk mustaches to chocolate chip cookie smiles. It’s time to make some memories!

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