4 Easy Things to Make with Milk (That Aren't Meals!) | a2 Milk® USA
4 Easy Things to Make with Milk (That Aren't Meals!) | a2 Milk® USA

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4 Easy Things to Make with Milk (That Aren’t Meals!)

Posted on September 28, 2018

Feeling crafty? Reach for a carton of a2 Milk® to whip up a luxurious, natural homemade beauty products. From bars of soap to face masks and skin creams, milk serves as a nutrient-packed, nourishing base for many soothing skin care products, not just your favorite smoothie or baked goods. Grab a mixing bowl and discover four new things to make with milk!

Milk Lip Balm

things to make with milk lip balm

Whether you’re battling parched lips, or simply love the silky sheen of a lip balm, your lips deserve a little TLC. By melting beeswax and mixing it with oil, a2 Milk®, and honey you can create this yummy, moisturizing recipe for Milk and Honey Lip Balm from A Delicious Melody.

Pour the cooling balm into small decorative ceramic containers to make adorable holiday gifts or fill mini cosmetics tubs to stash in your purse or desk drawer.

Milk Face Masks

Next time you’re indulging in a little me-time, mix up a simple face mask to give your forehead, cheeks, and chin for a spa day moment. We share several recipes here that pair well with a hot bubble bath and mug of warm cocoa.

These recipes are also perfect for mommy-and-me night pampering with the kids or when your friends come over for a night in to catch up on the latest news and relax.  

Milk Soap Bars

things to make with milk soap

Grab novelty ice cube or candy molds and make homemade soap for yourself or gifts! They work perfectly as delicate decor in guest bathrooms or layered in a mason jar for a homemade gift exchange.

Or, keep it simple and make a big batch of bars just for you and your family to enjoy in the shower or bath. Reformation Acres offers this decadent recipe for Flower-Infused Milk Soap that everyone in your life will love.

Milk Skin Cream

things to make with milk lotion

Finally, you know milk is good inside and out, so why not transform it into a thick, rich lotion. It’s cool, soothing and just what your skin needs to feel replenished and hydrated.

Make this skin lotion recipe featuring, milk, oatmeal, and honey from A Green Routine to keep on hand for after-shower moisturizing and your nightly skincare routine.

When you’re done discovering new things to make with milk, help the kids upcycle the empty milk carton into an adorable bird feeder for the yard. Everyone gets to flex their creative skills, indulge in some skin care, and enjoy a2 Milk® in a new way. Happy mixing, crafting, and pampering!

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