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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Milk | a2 Milk® USA

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How to Get Your Kids to Drink More Milk

Posted on October 30, 2018

Every morning it’s the same song and dance. Your kids frown at their glass of milk and beg for sugary juice or soda. Take a breath and make their nutritious milk irresistible! Here’s how to get kids to drink milk and ask for it again.

how to get kids to drink milk silly straws

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Drink More Milk

Remember when you used the blender to hide veggies in the pasta sauce and turned fruit into colorful kebabs with yummy yogurt dip? Simply channel your creative parent skills for milk too. Let’s get started with these ideas.

  • Flavor the milk. We love adding a spoonful of bright red strawberry syrup to a glass of milk. Let your child watch you stir it in and see the white drink turn pink before their eyes. You could also use blueberry pancake syrup for an irresistible blue treat!

how to get kids to drink milk flavored milk

  • Host bubble races. Give each child a glass of milk and straw. Show them how to blow bubbles into the milk and see who can make the biggest foam topper on their glass. As soon as the foam starts to droop over the edge, they have to drink the milk. Whoever finishes their glass first, wins!
  • Use wacky straws. Head to the craft store and pick up some funky, twisty, wide, colorful, or patterned straws. The kids won’t be able to keep their hands off the crazy drinking tools. Let them use two or three at once if they want to experiment! 

how to get kids to drink milk silly straw

  • Skip the glass. Pour milk into tumbler-style insulated mugs, novelty-shaped ceramic mugs, or your own coffee mug to entice the child to try something new. Sometimes all your child needs to love milk is an exciting new glass!
  • Make chocolate milkshakes. Sneak some milk into an afternoon snack by offering up homemade cookies and chocolate milkshakes. Don’t forget to top them with sprinkles and a cherry for the ultimate indulgence that no kid can pass to get kids to drink milk chocolate
  • Serve it warm. Just before bed when the kids ask for a snack, offer a flavorful mug of warm milk. We love the idea of pumpkin spice, hot chocolate, or snickerdoodle milk before heading off to dreamland.

Ready to test out some of these ideas on your kids? You can find a2 Milk® at your nearby grocery store. Use this search tool to find the closest store to you!

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