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Fresh Fruit Desserts for Spring | a2 Milk® USA

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Fresh Fruit Desserts for Spring

Posted on March 19, 2019

We’ve got spring on the mind! From planning what flowers to plant to deciding how the kids can help in the garden this year, we’re ready for warmer weather. We’ve also noticed a shift in our meal planning. Juicy, colorful foods are creeping onto our menus, especially fruit desserts. These guilt-free fresh fruit desserts for spring are sure to brighten your week!

Our Favorite Light Desserts for Spring

Custart Tartlets


When you want something sweet while staying on track with your healthy eating choices, fruit is always a good option. It’s nutrient dense to nourish your body, full of fiber to keep you full and naturally delicious! Here’s a rainbow of desserts for spring you and the kids can make together.


Strawberry Shortcake: Since strawberries are ripe and ready in spring, use them as often as possible. We love eating them as-is or tossing a handful in the blender with a cup of a2 Milk® Whole to make irresistible strawberry milk. Or, chop and pile the berries atop a small slice of cake. You can use store-bought sponge or angel food cake to keep it simple or use a wedge of this Chocolate Milk Bundt Cake for a decadent chocolate-lovers dessert. 


Orange and Yellow Smoothie: Need a dessert on-the-go? Try making a citrus smoothie filled with oranges, mango, and pineapple that both you and the kids can sip on the way to soccer practice or dance lessons. So refreshing! There’s no reason to skip dessert when it’s this simple.


Frozen Green Grapes: Got picky kids? Try washing, drying and tossing a bunch of seedless green grapes into the freezer. Once the fruit has hardened, it becomes an icy, chewy, sweet finger food that can double as dessert for the little ones. Frozen grapes are also wonderful dipped in caramel sauce or homemade yogurt.


Blueberry Pie: After all the wintry pumpkin and pecan pies, it’s time to lighten up and celebrate the berries of the season. Fresh blueberries tucked inside a flaky crust are the perfect way to end a spring evening meal. Pick one up at your favorite bakery or try this Blueberry Pie with Lemon Crust recipe from Taste of Home.


Black Forest Ice: Cool off after an afternoon of play with a healthy fruit dessert that reminds you of ice cream! This recipe for Black Forest Ice combines two classic flavors — cherries and dark chocolate — for a light spring dessert. One small scoop is all you’ll need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

As you think about which desserts for spring will make it onto your dinner table, be sure to stock up on a2 Milk®, so you’re ready to tackle any recipe that catches your eye. Need more inspiration? Browse our collection of favorite recipes including these petite Chocolate Mousse Cups topped with raspberries or Custard Tartlets with Fresh Berries.

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