Evolving Nutrition Trends to Watch for in 2018 | a2 Milk® USA Blog
Evolving Nutrition Trends to Watch for in 2018 | a2 Milk® USA Blog

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Evolving Nutrition Trends in 2018

Posted on December 22, 2017

“Nutrition is evolutionary, not revolutionary.”

Each new year brings sensational headlines about the “next big thing” in food and health. For instance, intermittent fasting and the keto diet skyrocketed in popularity in 2017. Which will win our hearts this year?  Comfort foods or plant-based everything?

While we can’t predict every food and nutrition trend in 2018, here are some we hope will grow and evolve.


Online grocery shopping and delivery services

Evolving Nutrition Trends in 2018

Now that people have upped their cooking skills and kitchen confidence with meal kit delivery services, they are creating their own meals. But they still don’t want to go to the grocery store to pick out ingredients.

Just in time, major grocers are investing in better online shopping sites and quicker delivery times to meet the demands of the “cook at home” movement.  As Amazon and Whole Foods roll out bigger-and-better programs, the rest of the market is sure to follow suit.




In the past, nutrition powders were synonymous with fake food. However, the interest in superfoods like turmeric, maca, and cacao, combined with consumer demand for transparency and whole food ingredients have developed into a new category of pure powders that taste good and mix into other foods and drinks without changing the texture. Look forward to this trend expanding into protein powder and changing the traditional “muscle head” products into something more accessible.



Grain bowlsFall Overnight Oat Ideas

What started as a breakfast trend is making its way to other eating occasions in the form of grain bowls. Loaded with greens, chopped veggies and grains like quinoa, brown rice, or farro, these “salad replacements” are easy to assemble at home and packable for a novel on-the-go lunch or dinner option.



Eye health

eye health 2018 trends

As doctors become increasingly aware of the damage phones and tablet screens can do to your eyes, nutritionists are looking for food-based ways combat the harm of “Blue Light.” Lutein and zeaxanthin are the nutrients linked to reduced risk for macular degeneration associated with exposure to blue light. You can find them in dark green leafy vegetables, and orange, red and yellow vegetables. But unless you’re eating kale, collards, and spinach every day, you may not be getting enough.

If you choose to supplement your diet for eye health, look for lutein gel-caps and take them at meal time for best absorption.




Digestive health

The link between your gut and good health has never been stronger. And as the story evolves, it’s not just about taking pre- and probiotics to grow a healthy microbiome; it’s not just about getting enough fiber to keep you regular. It’s also how every bite and sip effects your digestive system. Eating foods that are easier to digest is one way to keep your gut happy.

About the Author

Bonnie Johnson, MS, RDN      Twitter_clear   @a2milkRD

Bonnie is a food-loving registered dietitian/nutritionist with a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science & Education from Colorado State University.

Bonnie promotes the science and research behind a2 Milk® to Health Professionals and is on hand to answer simple health related questions from a2 Milk® consumers.

For more complex questions, please contact your favorite health care provider.

Evolving Nutrition Trends in 2018 Bonnie Johnson
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