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Connect with Your Family This Holiday Season | a2 Milk® USA Blog

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Connect with Your Family This Holiday Season

Posted on December 13, 2017

Amplify the rare moments of family togetherness between the goofy work schedules and school break. It only takes a moment to create a memory!

It doesn’t matter if your Christmas tree was redecorated by the cat or you burned yet another Pinterest-inspired dinner in the oven.  As long as you have family (and Chinese delivery on speed dial) you’ll be just fine this holiday season.


1. Go on a neighborhood walk

Bundle up the family (yes, even the dog too!) and take a  walk around the neighborhood to admire the twinkling lights and seasonal displays. Snowing outside? Jump in the car and find the biggest sledding hill in the area or a light festival nearby.

Recipes - best hot chocolate

Just don’t forget to bust out your best (off-key) ”Jingle Bells” on the way.


2. Make homemade hot chocolate

Whether you opt for a simple cocoa packet (complete with mini marshmallows) or whip up a fancy cup, you’re winning. Either way, sip the hot chocolate by the fireplace with your loved ones or while outrunning those last-minute errands with the kids. Bonus points for hosting an impromptu milk mustache contest!

3. Snuggle in for funny movies

What’s the most loved holiday classic at your house? Take a poll and find out which comedies are loved the most in your family, then break out the bowls of popcorn, Santa hats and blankets for an evening of laughing together around the television. Or, plan to hit the weekend matinee at the local theater as a family.

It’s up to you!

Milk Carton Gingerbread houses 3


4. Get a little crafty

Kids of all ages love creating something special during the holidays. Serve up some milk and cookies and turn your leftover milk cartons into these adorable gingerbread houses. Then, take a few family selfies to post on your social media. If you really feel like getting crazy, check out some online print options and ideas on Pinterest for how you can make them into cool trinkets to gift. Then if you make a few houses, they can double as a Christmas village table centerpiece for your holiday meal and you can check table-decorating off that to-do list.

5. Volunteer!

Even the Grinchiest of teenagers will warm up to the idea of spending an hour walking the dogs at the local pet shelter or helping senior citizens decorate Christmas stockings at a nursing home. Let hesitant kids invite their friends to join them while they volunteer. Helping others as a family is a win-win for you and the ones you share your time with.


6. Make holiday cookiesMake holiday cookies

OK, we all can’t mimic our favorite Food Network stars, but we can turn some pre-made cookie dough into fabulous little treats. Grab a few tubes of sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, or try our Everything Christmas Cookies from Imma Eat That for a fun and festive way to reuse all the candy leftovers from the holidays. Bake, then decorate with frosting and sprinkles to add sweetness to your day. Consider having a contest for the worst cookie decorating fail to make everyone feel a little better about their lack of culinary skills, then dig in.

7. Decorate the tree or house

For once, waiting until the last minute is a good thing. Instead of being upset that you didn’t get everyone done, save a few tasks for when family visits. They’d love to look through old ornaments and place them on the tree, hang lights outside on the trees or build a snowman family instead of sitting around making awkward small talk.


After you’ve tried a few of these ideas, turn one (or more) of them into a tradition to incorporate into your family holiday festivities year after year. And don’t forget to put out a few of those cookies and a glass of a2 Milk® for Santa so he can refuel during his long night of spreading holiday magic.


What other traditions does your family uphold? Share them with us on social media – we love to hear how you are making the most of the holidays!


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