2017 Study: a2 Milk® is Easier on Digestion | a2 Milk® USA Blog
2017 Study: a2 Milk® is Easier on Digestion | a2 Milk® USA Blog

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2017 Study: a2 Milk® is Easier on Digestion†

Posted on February 21, 2018

First, let me start with a disclosure: I am a science nerd. I love hypotheses, methods, and results. I read health and science journals for fun. So, when a new study on the effects of a2 Milk® was published, I spent hours digesting it (pun intended). If you’re a science nerd too, you can read the full-text study. Or read on for a summary.

The Study

The objective of this study was to support the notion that for some people A1-protein free milk may be easier on digestion† than ordinary A1 and A2-protein milks. Currently, there are a handful of studies that suggest A1 protein free milk does not cause the stomach discomfort that some people experience when drinking ordinary milk. However, most of these studies involve a small number of test subjects. In this 2017 study, there were 600 participants.

Published research suggests that drinking a2 Milk® may help avoid tummy discomfort in some people.

If drinking ordinary milk causes you tummy discomfort, try replacing it with a2 Milk®.


Effects of cow’s milk beta-casein variants on symptoms of milk intolerance in Chinese adults: a multicenter, randomized controlled study. He, et al. Nutrition Journal (2017) 16:72.




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Bonnie promotes the science and research behind a2 Milk® to Health Professionals and is on hand to answer simple health related questions from a2 Milk® consumers.

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